Saved in the City Conference 2014

21 Aug


Meet me there!


Happy 40th Anniversary Mellow Mushroom!

20 Aug

August 20, 2014– Atlanta, GA– Founded in the lovely city of Atlanta, GA, Mellow Mushroom celebrates 40 years of business today! To all my Pizza Lovers of the world, our most animated pizza parlor, Mellow Mushroom invites guests to help them celebrate their 40th Anniversary with throwback specials going on all day long!

Throwback prices today, dine-in only, include any small cheese pizza for $2.50, coke products for .25, and select beers for only .75!

“I hate running, but I love pizza!”
So can this be an official cheat day too?

Happy Anniversary Mellow Mushroom!


BEAUTIFUL NEWS: All-Black Team Heads To The Little League World Series

19 Aug Featured Image -- 2489


Here is a little Girl Power for the Day!

Originally posted on HelloBeautiful:


While Mo’Ne Davis is pitching fastballs like nobody’s business, a team from Chicago is also turning heads at the Little League World Series.

A little positivity is always a breath of fresh air. The Jackie Robinson West All-Stars have given the Windy City another reason to be proud while raising morale in the community at a time when people are rioting in frustration over the death of Michael Brown. reports that the all-black team has secured a spot at the Little League World Series. The team has grabbed a lot of attention because they don’t look like the typical little league roster, and David James of Major League Baseball’s Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities program said the All-Stars have people in the pros excited!

“All of us at MLB are talking about that team,” he said. “It’s really good for the game.


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Share A Coke With Champions

19 Aug


Kevin Hart Proposes to Girlfriend Minutes After Ex-Wife Appears On “Atlanta Exes”

19 Aug



August 18, 2014, Atlanta, GA– Not another reality TV show!!!! No matter what the masses say somebody’s watching it (me tonight). VH1 premiered their new reality TV show “Atlanta Exes” featuring some of our favorites celebrity’s ex-wives. For the record, at least the women casted were actually wives! I digress…

Kevin Hart’s ex-spouse, Torrei Hart, is one of the leading ladies featured on the show.


What’s the tea? MINUTES after the show aired, social media blew up with congratulations to Kevin Hart for proposing to his girlfriend! imgres-1


Well, well… This is my best illustration of what Kevin Hart was probably thinking:


Caption This: Show Airs..
Kevin: Oh, you’re not about to taint my image! ***Proposes to girlfriend


The show is just getting started, but something tells me there’s more to this story.. What do you think?





Why I’m Not Marching for #Ferguson or #MikeBrown

19 Aug


The #Ferguson story has me feeling a certain type of way, and this article helps explain what that feeling is..

Originally posted on Friends of Ebonie:

by Ebonie Johnson Cooper, Chief Millennial Officer

You won't see me out here. Nope. (source)

You won’t see me out here. Nope. | Protestors drop to their knees and put their arms in the air during a rally for Michael Brown Jr., who was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer Saturday, Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014, in Clayton, Mo. (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Laurie Skrivan)

I didn’t wear a hoodie for Trayvon. I didn’t march to Save Our Girls. And I didn’t March for Mike Brown and peace in Ferguson. It’s not that I don’t believe in the causes and I don’t want things to change, it’s that I’m not convinced marching in 2014 is really going to make a difference.

This isn’t 1960 when marching peacefully actually evoked change. Or when the act of sitting in a restaurant sparked a nationwide movement that changed some things. It’s 2014 where people create hashtag campaigns and funky…

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TEDxHuntsville – Paul DeJoe – Huntsville, Alabama |The City That Saved the World

14 Aug


August 14, 2014– Atlanta, GA– As I caught myself swimming in my future and not being present—- I came across this powerful link.

Filmed in my home city of Huntsville, AL, Paul DeJoe, CEO of Ecquire, gave an insightful talk about listening to that inner voice about WHO you are and WHY you are!

TedXHuntsville Talk With Paul DeJoe

Now go be great!


13 Aug



Monkey Selfie Gone Viral, That’s One Smart Monkey

11 Aug



Happy 28th Anniversary! | “She’s Gotta Have It” | a Spike Lee Joint

8 Aug

August 8, 2014– Atlanta, GA– During my undergraduate years, I studied about African-American women in media. There is so much discourse surrounding the art of communication as it relates to black women in media. Since I knew I would become apart of this highly televised group, I found it quite appropriate to learn more about the area or study.

In 2010, I took a course that dived into how black women’s sexuality portrayed in media. At that time, I was introduced to the infamous Spike Lee joint, “She’s Gotta Have It.”

This movie focuses on the lead character, Nola Darling, and her simultaneous relationship with three different men. Nola is a confident, dark-skinned black woman who knows what she wants. Although many argue the movie is somewhat risqué because of her bold sexual desires… The movie is truly a classic.

I enjoyed watching Nola’s character as she continued to break every barrier against how women are “supposed” to be in relationships. She has complete control over all three men she has relations with. The title “She’s Gotta Have It,” refers to a black woman who literally “has to have it.”

If you’ve never seen the movie for yourself, I encourage you to check it out.

Happy Anniversary Nola Darling!



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