Chad n’ Ev’s 72 Hours of HELL: #FAIL

ImageSo, the press has let us ALL in on what’s going on with Chad and Ev, and in case you have been on vacation in Bikini Bottom, here’s the rundown:

August 12- Chad Johnson was arrested for reportedly “head butting” his newlywed wife, Evelyn Lozada after a dispute revolving around a condom receipt. Their neighbors called the police and Chad was arrested on site. Ev suffered bleeding from the head.

August 13- The Miami Dolphins, Chad’s employer decide to RELEASE Chad from the team! WOW! Now, he is being referred to as a former Dolphin. Later that day…. Chad and Ev were scheduled to have a new hit reality TV show on VH1, Ev and Ocho, highlighting their wonderful life as a married couple. Oh, VH1 DROPPED THE SHOW!

August 14- TMZ confirms. Evelyn files for DIVORCE! Just two days after the domestic violence arrest! Wait, what? Yes, keep in mind they have only been MARRIED a little over a month.

The press is going CRAZY, one because this disaster just keeps getting worse and worse, and two, because this is just too much!! Evelyn is known for being rowdy from the VH1 Hit Series, Basketball Wives. The irony is that while on NATIONAL TV, she gave Chad permission to sleep with other women, as long as he uses a condom and the girl is pretty. Who does that in real life? I guess the freedom cost way too much, and it cost both Evelyn and Chad their careers.

Guys, always keep in mind the TYPE of woman you wed. I mean looks are important, but character is WAY more important. Ocho lulled Ev in after sending her a pair of Christian Louboutins. She was on the next flight to see him, gave him the cookies, and they were all of a sudden madly in love. Either way, there is a bigger issue at hand, both Ev and Ocho are parents (no children with each other.) and their kids’ best interest is what should be the number one factor within this fiasco.

Girls, domestic violence is no joke. We have seen a lot of domestic violence cases brushed under the rug when it’s a celebrity, or not (in the case of Chris Brown for example.) K. Michelle has shed light on her past relationship with Memphitz, revealing the fact that he “whooped her ass” all the time. Ev is no different, and this type of behavior should NEVER be tolerated from any man, that’s not love.

I think this would have been a great time for both parties’ publicist to step in and at least try to make this matter a tad lighter. It only took Ev 48 hours to determine she wanted to DIVORCE the man that she loved and said I DO to, just over a month ago! But, publicists aren’t magicians, and we can’t make things just disappear.

I wonder if Kim K’s marriage to Kris Humphries lasted longer than theirs? Hmmmmm…

Sounds like just another Hollywood Divorce. What y’all think?!






2 Comments Add yours

  1. anonymous says:

    I normally don’t care to read about celebrity gossip, but this is well put together, covered the issue and unbiased.

    Good job, you will go very far if you continue to work hard and stay focused.

    As far as the Chad and Evelyn issue…. No comment lol.

    God bless!

    1. gisellepr says:

      thank you SO MUCH for your comment!!! IT means a TON!!! You’re the first!!!! Thank you AGAIN!!!

      God Bless!!!

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