GPR Exclusive: Style Network’s “Big Rich Atlanta” Cast Hosts Birthday Celebration

We’ve all seen the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we had a taste of what it means to be in Love & Hip Hop in Atlanta, but what about the plain out Big Rich Atlanta? Get ready as a new cast graces your television screens with another hit reality TV show based in Black Hollywood, a.k.a. Atlanta, Ga; the Style Network’s Big Rich Atlanta.
Pictured Sharlinda & Sabrina, along with a fellow Cast member
Their Fab Birthday Cake!

Last evening, there was an exclusive birthday celebration for cast members Sharlinda & Sabrina in Midtown Atlanta and there was enough glitz and glam to light up an entire community! I loved it! I was invited by an Insider to come out and celebrate! Wait, let me state the facts. Sharlinda Rowe-Parker is a self-made business woman and co-owner of Tu La 2 Nail Salon, along with her twin sister Sabrina Rowe. Sharlinda is married to Q-Parker of R&B Quartet 112.

Big Rich Atlanta is a spin-off of Big Rich Texas, which is a poplar show on the Style Network. What I find most interesting is the inclusion of their daughters on the show. This will give the audience a more intimate taste of who the cast members really are. The cast is very diverse too, which will attract a more broad audience as well as a different perspective of Atlanta; which is much-needed. Kahdijiha …well, I can’t wait to see which side she of her fabulous self she will share with everyone on January 20th! The event was beautifully designed, and the guests were dressed to the T. I don’t know about you, but I am curious to see the Big Rich Atlanta that everyone knows about but rarely gets to see.

The show will air on January 20th on the Style Network. Be sure to check here for more exclusive updates and follow me @GiselleAvenue to join the conversation!

Left: Kahdijiha Rowe Right: (me) Giselle



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