The Electric Lady takes Atlanta for Private Album Release Party



September 13, 2013–Atlanta, GA-— Janelle Monae’s latest album titled “The Electric Lady” was released this past Tuesday  and from New York to Atlanta—she has been non-stop, electrifying fans ever since! Tonight at a Private Album release party held at Reign Nightclub, The Electric Lady shared a few live performances from some of the highly anticipated tracks on her album. I went and got my copy last night and it has been on replay ever since. One thing I admire about Janelle’s artistic sound is that she stays true to herself while singing from a true spirit of love. Love is a powerful thing and it is refreshing to hear an artist joyfully sing, remain positive and spread love while working in such a stressful environment.

Janelle paid homage to Atlanta, noting that she was discovered when she was at the AUC, performing live and grinding and Big Boi, legendary member of the Hip-Hop duo Outkast, heard her sing. Since then, her career took off and Big Boi was in attendance to show support of The Electric Lady.  Artists featured on the album include Miguel, Erykah Badu, and Prince.

Here’s a sneak peak of live video footage from the party this evening.

Be sure to purchase your copy of “The Electric Lady” and let me know if you feel electrified after listening!

Big Boi and Janelle Monae hug after the show




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