Exclusive: Soul Sessions ATL, Conversation Party with Afu Okosun hosted by Urban Vines Wine Company


Generational Activist and young author of “King Without a Crown”, Afu Okosun brought yet another exciting Soul Session: Conversation Party to his hometown of Atlanta, GA hosted by Chef India Ramos and Rachelle Lovett of Urban Vines Wine Company last evening. The goal of the Soul Session is to evoke conversation among participants about social issues that we all “tweet” about, but never really have a chance to talk about. Afu mediates the conversation and raises interesting points of discussion such as platonic relationships among adults, balance between romantic lives and career aspirations, and the impact social media has on our social skills. Afu plans to bring Soul Sessions to Atlanta as a way to help people.. Converse! Isn’t it ironic that in 2013 we have to create a space to have open discussion about relevant issues in our lives today.

Urban Vines is a wine consulting company based in Atlanta, GA and the goal is to provide unique consultation services for businesses and individuals while providing exquisite cuisine for customers. Last night, Urban Vines treated guests to an array of dishes including spring mixed salad with a homemade italian dressing, buttermilk squash soup, and shrimp carbonara. The winery provides specialized wine labels for customers and they are also available for events and catering.

“There is a difference between being a cook, and being a chef— you have to cater to large amounts of people and understand different types of people’s taste.” — Chef Ramos

“It’s rare that she makes the same thing twice, it’s pretty much art form.” — Ms. Lovett

You can follow Afu Okosun @FoomBoom and Urban Vines @UrbanVinesWC @MsLovett check out the pictures below and be sure to attend the next Soul Session Atlanta. 


ImageIMG_4722  IMG_4689




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