Beauty & Brains on The Avenue: Meet @Llauryn1

Something new on The Avenue:

You see a pretty face, you look, you stare…then, you judge..

“She must be stuck-up, she must be a snob, I don’t like her, I bet she isn’t that smart, I mean she’s pretty– that’s all she can be, right? There’s no way she has beauty and brains, that would be too much like right. I mean, nobody’s perfect.”

In Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” she sheds light on the truth behind beauty— it’s a disease of a nation. We force socially constructed ideas of how beauty is defined, yet we have difficulty looking past one’s outer appearance. I present, Beauty & Brains on The Avenue. My goal in creating this series is to empower young women and encourage them to live beyond being just another “pretty face.” The women featured in this series posses brains and beauty… and that is what makes them phenomenal women and role models to us all.



Born in Birmingham, AL by way of Huntsville, Llauryn Hendrix is a perfect mixture of brains and beauty. This Alabama State University graduate of Communications will blow your mind with her outgoing personality and witty conservation. Her beauty is displayed in and out with her big heart and friendly nature.  As a model, correspondent and media personality, Llauryn reigns as a triple threat in the world of communications and brand endorsements. She is the new face of Sheek Shat Boutique and Saci Butterfly Boutique of Huntsville.

You may have seen her on the big screen, but if not, be sure to catch her on the upcoming season of B.E.T.’s The Game, The CW’s The Originals, and more. Llauryn has also conquered shooting with celebrity photographers including Drexina Nelson, Leo Marshall and Derek Blanks.

Llauryn received her Bachelor of Science in Communication specializing in Television & Film from Alabama State University located in Montgomery, AL. She graced the Dean’s List each semester of study and was a member of the Hornets Cheerleading Squad, where she received a partial scholarship for her athleticism and contributing to the Hornet’s tradition. She has been able to utilize her skills in real world settings and has worked with major film & television companies including Paramount Pictures, Akil Productions, Black Entertainment Television and more. Llauryn resides in Atlanta, GA where she is mastering the art of  Communications and Media and is Co-Producer of a New Syndicated Talk Show set to release in Spring 2014.

“With God, anything is possible. I am so happy to wake up with a smile on my face knowing that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” — Llauryn

You can follow her work on Instagram @Llauryn1 or use the link above to join her network on Facebook!




Welcome to Beauty AND Brains on The Avenue, stay tuned for more phenomenal women featured weekly and Contact Llauryn today for booking information!



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