“Snowpocalypse” Headed to Atlanta.. Again


February 11, 2014, Atlanta, GA—- I know they say history repeats itself, but some things are meant to stay in the past! Unfortunately, this is not the case for residents of North Georgia along with many other Southern states, as weather forecasts predict an even messier “Snowpocalypse” arriving his evening. Just two weeks ago, we were given a dose of Mother Nature’s power as Atlanta turned into a scene from a zombie movie! Abandoned cars along major interstates, horrific commutes home, and unexpected sleepovers in local businesses left the city in a panic. Thankfully, I was able to make it home in about 2 hours (a normal 10 minute commute) without any harm or danger. This wasn’t the case for everyone, including some who didn’t even make it home— after sitting in traffic for over 20 hours!


My first thought? Where are the city officials and what do they have to say? I quickly put my Public Administrator hat on and thought of ways elected officials could possibly de-escalate the situation. How about a sincere apology for not fully preparing residents for the hazardous driving conditions in a timely manner? But, I digress. Nevertheless, we can look back and learn from our mistakes. As of noon yesterday, the state of Georgia issued a winter weather state of emergency for 45 counties including DeKalb, due to the extreme weather conditions expected to hit the city. We have learned our lesson from the last snowstorm, and being proactive is key. Most of the city is already “closed for business” tomorrow, including all schools, college & universities.


The storm is expected to hit sometime early this evening and local officials encourage residents to remain indoors so salt trucks can prepare roads for hazardous conditions.

My advice? Stock up on groceries, work from home, thank God you have a roof over your head, and when time permits— make a snowman!

Atlanta claims to be ready for the second dose of the Snowpocalypse— let’s pray so!


Source: Pictures



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