4 Common Mistakes PR Pros Make on Twitter

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This is a great post about social media manners. I know it took me a year or so to realize that having a personal and professional account can be tacky. In order to gain credibility and maintain a positive rapport, one must choose to remain professional at all times. We are emerging into our brands, so much that there is a blurred line of the personal and professional outlook on a topic.

Keep your tweets tasteful, after all I’m sure we have been identified by our Twitter handle by our friends on occasion.

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Women In PR

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by Ben Murray


Twitter is by no means a new platform, yet for some reason, many PR pros—and professionals of all stripes—continue to misuse, misunderstand and not fully take advantage of it. Here are four common mistakes PR professionals are making on Twitter, and how they can fix them.

  1. Lacking personality: With their clients, co-workers and other peers following them, many PR pros fear being too personal on Twitter. However, it is certainly possible to remain professional and showcase your personality at the same time. At CooperKatz & Co. we constantly preach how incorporating our personalities into our writing enhances it, and the same holds true when restricted to 140 characters.
  2. Maintaining two separate accounts: Maintaining two Twitter accounts—one for personal and one for professional usage—may have been acceptable years ago, but it has since become largely frowned upon, and…

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