Tips on The Avenue | “Overqualified to Intern, Underqualified to start at a PR agency.. What to do? “


Dont’ you just love the Spring? It’s a time to reflect, meditate on where you are in your life vs. where you want to go– and best of all Spring Career Cleaning! This part isn’t always as easy-breezy…

Them: You have to get a degree to work in this competitive job market!

US: Obtains degree.

Them: Well, now you have to get a Masters, education is most important!

US: Obtains degree number 2.

Them: Well you’re a great candidate but you’re too qualified to work as an intern. I would offer you a position here at our PR agency, but you don’t have any experience.

US: blank stare….

Sound familiar? I will be frank, the job market is so tough, and it’s almost hard to give advice on how to fully get into it. I have worked in Customer Service, to Government Administration, to Staffing & Recruiting– and I still haven’t had my foot in the door at the perfect PR agency. So, in 2011 I took another route and began doing freelance projects (started without pay, now all projects are priced) and building my brand. Whether social media or joining professional networks, you have to transform into an asset for any organization you join.

How? I encourage you to seek out volunteer opportunities that relate to social media management, press coverage, writing, branding, etc. This will serve as experience and will add value to your candidacy.

Where are you located? Take full advantage of your current market. Also, keep writing—start a blog, or contribute to an existing one. I have learned that in this industry you can’t wait for the opportunity, you have to create it.

Be flexible in the roles you are applying for– as long as you are learning something. Be ideal in the jobs you’re applying for, if they require 5+ years of real-world experience, then you probably don’t qualify. On the flipside, if it is entry-level customer service, you will qualify.

I founded Giselle Avenue as an outlet for me to do what I love. I am currently looking for assistance, if you’re interested, you can visit and search “media relations” to get a gist of the role.

Bottom line, continue to build your portfolio as an individual and the right company will snatch you up! If they don’t know worries, you’ve been so focused on building your brand that you’ll be an asset to any company you’re a part of (even if it’s your own!)

P.S. You’re not alone.. check out this article about millennials entering the workforce.



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