Welcome to Hotlanta! | Celebrity Filled Cafe Circa Sundays | Exclusive Pics Inside!

June 23, 2014–ATLANTA, GA— This weekend marked the first day of Summer and I have officially relocated to HOT-LANTA! I love the energy that pours into Atlanta during the Summer. We’ve got all the music festivals, concerts, birthday bashes, reality shows, day parties, night parties, movie premieres, movie productions… the list goes ON! Yesterday was a great start of the summer! My sister-friend, Sha’Myra, Owner of Painted IWC, and I attended Cafe Circa Sundays located in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward–and it was so much fun!

To our surprise, Demetria McKinney, American Actress and Singer and legendary female rap artist, Da Brat co-hosted the event to promote  their new hit single “100” is available on iTunes . The song is very catchy and has dope 808’s plus, it is so nice to hear Da Brat spitting BARS again!


I also ran into “Chalkie White” himself–better known as Michael Williams, American actor who shared some valuable information with me during our conversation. “Atlanta is the New Hollywood, I’m going to get me a spot here!” If you’re already a resident of Atlanta, I advise you to get out more and take advantage of this growing market! Check out the pics below!


Live. More.
One The Ave… Painted.
Alex Armstrong, Owner of Lux Glam Exchange | Da Brat | On the Ave.
Good Energy.
pooch, power.
IG: @SoSoBrat “Cafe Circa Day Party.. Givenchy Eyes”
hey y’all.
“This is the New Hollywood”

Welcome to HotLanta!



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