“What Was I Thinking?” A Solo Art Exhibition 6 Years Long By Fabian x @OccasionalSuperstar



June 27, 2014– Atlanta, GA–  Have you ever skimmed through old pictures of yourself in a dedicated attempt to post the dopest “Throwback Thursday” pic you can find? Then glanced at the picture and wondered, What Was I Thinking?

Tonight, Artist Fabian  x @OccasionalSuperstar explains how his artwork has evolved into its current state through his first solo art exhibit in six years, titled “What Was I Thinking?” I was fortunate to have a brief one-on-one conversation with Fabian about the evolution of his work along with more information about upcoming projects:


Me: What’s your name and where are you from?

Fabian: I am Fabian Williams, originally from North Carolina. We are at Space II 485 Edgewood Ave. in Atlanta, GA and this is my first exhibit in six years and it is called “What Was I Thinking?” My work tends to switch, flip- flop,stretch, contort, and I want people to understand that I am not random. It corresponds with a specific point in my life. I try to help people understand the work changes, because I go through changes.. but do not expect me to create the same thing. The newer work won’t look anything like what I’ve done before. What was I thinking is in a literal term, and each piece represents something different.

Me: How can we get in contact with you?

Fabian: @OccasionalSuperstar everywhere, to purchase email OccasionalSuperstar@Gmail.com Website is under construction, store will be live pretty soon.

Me: My friend, Kei, shared a video of your latest live art show this past Sunday. What exactly are the live shows?

Fabian: I have a performance art show called the Worldwide Art Federation— which is a mixture of wrestling and fine arts. Imagine if Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan were to paint like Picasso or Bob Ross. Artists have to dress in character and paint live against their opponent. I freelance, I host art exhibits, and in my free time, I throw art battles.

Me: What’s coming up for the summer?


Fabian: What Was I Thinking will continue throughout the weekend until this Sunday, June 29th.  The Drawing Room , a sketchbook show, will be held at Space II on July 18th and I also have a show at The Rialto called the Rocking Well, which will feature work inspired by Norman Rockwell.

Me: What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

Fabian: Complete your thoughts. Often times, we start out drawing something because we can, we think it will look good. But in order to make an impact, one must consider the message– consider what you’re saying. Not everything has to be absolute, but everything has to make sense at some point. Paint like you’re Marvin Gaye, he makes a complete album into a great body of work.

Check out some of the images captured at tonight’s art exhibit and visit the exhibit in the Old Fourth Ward in Downtown Atlanta.

Connect with Fabian here:

IG: @OccasionalSuperstar  | F: OccasionalSuperstar | T: @Fabianism | E: OccasionalSuperstar@Gmail.com












IMG_0603The art exhibit is taking place all weekend long at Space II located at 485 Edgewood Ave. Atlanta, GA 30309.

After seeing a glimpse of the artwork featured in the exhibit ….What are you thinking?




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