Atlanta | “Here To Serve” Summer Passports NOW AVAILABLE!


July 14, 2014–Atlanta, GA– Summer, Summer, Summertime! Oooh, summertime. Let’s just sit back and unwind…

Don’t you just love this classic track from The Fresh Prince? It exemplifies my ultimate goal for the summer: fun, food, festivals, and all things dope. Speaking of which, I stumbled upon the cutest marketing strategy while grabbing sushi at Twist Tapas Bar located in Buckhead.

Here to Serve is the company that owns many of our favorite restaurants across Atlanta. Shout + Twist + Noche + Aja + Goldfish.. Just to name a few, are all apart of the Here To Serve management group.

In honor of an exploratory summer, they have created a special Summer Passport for customers to experience each of their unique dining locations. Each page has four stamp slots available and customers receive a stamp after visiting each respective location!

At the end of the summer, there will be a festival for all the passport holders and a chance to win prizes and CASH!





Visit your favorite location and get your stamps in! It’s summer, why not?


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