Outkast #ATLast | the Experience


Even the sun goes down heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie and sometimes “y”
nothin’ is for sure nothin’ is for certain nothin’ lasts forever
But until they close the curtain
it’s him & I Aquemini

September 29, 2014– Atlanta, GA– Ever had a big dream but thought it was too big to one day really happen? Well this past weekend was one of those weekends; not for just me, but for every Outkast fan across the nation– #ATLast. I never would have thought I’d be blogging about an OUTKAST concert!!!! ***Praise Break

In April of this year, the dynamic duo/hip-hop legends/the original players of the south who make up the group formally known as Outkast, made a historic comeback performance at Coachella in California. Once word got out that Outkast performed (which was in seconds), Outkast fans waited patiently until they could get their chance to see the group live after a decade plus hiatus.

The duo agreed to only perform at festivals during their 20th anniversary tour and they made rounds all year at popular music festivals such as FireFly, Counterpoint, and Coachella, to name a few. But, fans in the heart of the south grew disdain as shows popped up everywhere but the city that birthed the legendary group Outkast– Atlanta, GA.

The Homecoming 

This past June, Outkast made an official announcement that they would host a special homecoming show for fans in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, at Centennial Olympic Park, YES! The world of social media FLIPPED as #OutkastATLast was quickly trending on popular sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Initially, there was only one show, but it sold out WITHIN MINUTES— so they added two more! The group attracted over 150,000 fans from ALL over the nation this past weekend as they took us on a spaceship to Stankonia, by way of Idelwild.. from the perspective of an Aquemini. I had the pleasure of attending Saturday’s show and was blown away by the entire experience.

What I love most about Outkast is their diverse reach— with an audience ranging from teenagers, to the more mature adult. The Saturday show was catered to the Millennial Outkast fans, including a groundbreaking  performance from Stone Mountain native, Childish Gambino and Mr. Rager himself, Kid Cudi.

The Experience

Five words to describe #OutkastATLast:

  1. Energy. 

    I am inspired by energy, and I live for good energy. The energy felt within the gates of Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday left me speechless. It felt like music-heads from all walks of life and musical preferences were all on one accord in the name of Outkast. They opened the show with Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.) and once the beat dropped, the crowd went crazy! Everyone was literally jumping up and down, singing along with THE OUTKAST!

  2. Music. 

    Outkast released timeless albums with timeless hit singles– this was the best element of the festival. Big Boi performed tracks from his solo album, Speakerboxx including GhettoMusik and The Way You Move with a guest appearance from Sleepy Brown. From The Love Below, Dre’ took us there with crowd favorites including Vibrate, Prototype, and Hey Ya! 

  3. Stage. 

    Lights, Camera, Action! The stage lighting and effects presented throughout the festival was immaculate. Each song had unique lighting effects that brought fans closer to the sounds of the music.

  4. Classic. 

    This festival was proof that each track they performed/released is dubbed a classic! That’s powerful.. I mean, they started out as two dope boyz in a cadillac…

  5. Atlanta. 

    Newfound love and respect for the City of Atlanta. The aerial view of the festival was beautiful… The Sky View (Ferris Wheel) was a brilliant touch to the newly renovated downtown Atlanta. IMG_5048

Check out some of the pics I attempted to snap from the show. Unfortunately, my iPhone died right before the Outkast performance, but words and videos wouldn’t do us any justice…





IMG_5007 IMG_5009 IMG_5019


IMG_5030 IMG_5036 IMG_5042IMG_5052Overall, the Outkast #ATLast Music Festival was one of the most memorable experiences of my life…. Thank you Andre 3000 and Big Boi (the G.O.A.T.) for bringing it home to Atlanta.

It’s a great time to be in the city ….

The South Has Something To Say!– Andre 3000



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