Outfit Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays right around the corner, you are probably getting an insane amount of holiday party invites, am I right? But nothing proves more stressful than trying to find just the right ensemble to wear to an office party — I’m panicking just thinking about it!

Office holiday party dress codes are difficult to decipher because you want something that captures your personal style and helps you stand out from your normal work attire, but you also don’t want to be first up on the “Did you see what she was wearing?” convo in the break room the next day.  Remember, there’s a fine line between festive and inappropriate, and a holiday party is still a work event. This means leave the excessive amounts of cleavage, sheer tops and/or dresses, and gaudy jewels at home. (Thank me later!)

Need a little extra help? I have compiled three great looks that will help you celebrate the holidays in style and turn a few heads in the process. Check them out:


A little glitz and glam never hurt anybody! Why go for the typical black and white when you can have some fun in a dazzling piece? Pair a sequin a-line dress with pointy-toe heels for a festive yet sophisticated look. Add in a pair of teardrop earrings and matching clutch for the perfect party creation.


Of course you want to be dolled up, but being comfortable during the holiday fun is also a major concern. To achieve this, opt for an elegant flowing dress to give the body freedom to move around. You can rock a faux fur cape or jacket to stay warm and chic things up and add in a vamp lip for a daring effect.


Jumpsuits just scream edgy to me! This fashion-forward choice sets the tone all by itself and doesn’t need much accessorizing, but if you opt for a few add-ons, keep it simple with neutral hues and lightweight jewels. Style your hair in a pulled back ‘do for finishing touches.

What do you plan on wearing to this year’s holiday party? Share your thoughts below!

Stay Stylish,

Briea Curington

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