On the Ave | The 5 Pieces You Need to Have in 2015


With the New Year underway, there is no time like the present to rid your closet of the pieces you no longer wear. For me, this is always a dreaded process because not only do I have way too many clothes — it will probably take me until 2016 just to go through them all — but it is super hard tossing items that I once loved. Seriously, how do you decide?!

But a new year means out with the old and in with a fresh wardrobe. And because my wardrobe is long overdue for a revamp, I cannot wait to turn a few heads and try out the fashion looks that 2015 has to offer. This year will be all about taking a trend and transforming it to match your personal style. Whether you are looking to add some excitement to your daily ensembles or do a complete overhaul all together, there are key items you must have in your closet to survive the coming months.

Check them out below:

1. Anything Marsala


Image Source

Without a doubt, Pantone’s color of the year will be everywhere this spring. After popping up on the runways and backstage beauty looks of NYFW and being spotted on street style stars, the sultry shade of red is a luxurious choice for adding versatility to your outfit. It gives it that instant pop in a subtle and understated way. And the color goes perfectly with your favorite glass of red wine. Love!

2. 70s Inspired Prints


Image Source

We saw this trend make waves last year and we can expect even more of it in 2015. Even if you have a more posh style, 70s inspired prints are easy to dress up or down. Between gingham and florals, you can add a cool touch to your outfit and channel your inner retro fashion girl.

3. LWD: Little White Dress


Image Source

I am normally not a fan of all white because if you brush up against one thing, your outfit is basically ruined. But the little white dress is slowly but surely becoming staple-worthy attire. It is a refreshing and flattering take on the classic look and is perfect for all seasons. To break up the look, you can add a pop of color with various accessories and add-ons.

4. Slogan Handbag


Image Source

Okay, so I totally blame Beyonce for the sudden appearance of witty catchphrases everywhere — but I’m not complaining! I am all for making a statement and showcasing my personality in fun and unique ways. And while the ‘it’ bag is nothing new, it is getting a huge makeover in 2015. From Kate Spade to Burberry Prorsum, designers are adding color, prints, and catchy phrases to every item in their bag collection, from clutches to totes.

5. Tuxedo Suit


Image Source

I was iffy about the whole menswear trend at first, but it has really grown on me. Taking a cue from our favorite electric lady, Janelle Monae, a power suit just screams sophistication and oozes sex appeal. And if you are feeling extra daring, switch out the tailored pants and opt for wide-legged trousers or cropped pants for eye-catching appeal.

What trends are you itching to get in on this year? Any you want to add? Weigh in below!

Stay Stylish,

Briea L. Curington


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