#WCW Cameron Russell: Looks Aren’t Everything, Believe Me, I’m A Model

March 18, 2015– Atlanta, GA– In honor of Women’s HERstory Month, let’s celebrate the many walks of womanhood. Our #WCW is inspired by an empowering lecture given by Professional Model, Cameron Russell. In 2013, TedxMidAtlantic featured a powerful conversation in which Russell shed light on the fact that she won a “genetic lottery.” This lottery includes her physical appearance: tall, pretty, thin and white. With the Ted Talk generating over 5 million views to date, her perspective is taken into consideration by many.

Russell’s insight teaches us how beauty, although it is important, it is not everything. As women, we have the power to be whatever we aspire to be.

Let’s call to action that we are more than our looks and pretty faces..We are women, Here Us Roar!

What do you think about the genetic lottery?




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