New Music On the Avenue: “Jackie”: Ciara, Music and Motherhood

April 15, 2015–Atlanta, GA– Every name has a meaning, right? And every album has a title. Some cliche, some simple, some catchy, and some egotistical!

So, who’s “Jackie“? According to some, “Jackie” is used to describe a beautiful girl, with brains, athleticism, and a body of perfection that guys drool over.


Yeahhhhhh, I’m totally a “Jackie”, just in case you were wondering….

No! But, really who is “Jackie“??? It is Ciara’s latest album title, set to release on May 4th, 2015. This is Ciara’s sixth follow-up album after her last self-titled album in 2013. After, becoming a new mother and seeing life through her mother’s (whose name is Jackie) eyes, Ciara felt it was the best album title to describe her right now.



What can we expect from “Jackie”?

It’s said we can expect to hear a confident, expressive, and upbeat album with eleven tracks, despite the emotional single “I Bet” about her public breakup with rapper, Future. In addition, with some features from Missy Elliott and Pitbull, could we possibly be getting a reinvention of her debut album Goodies.


I must admit, I’m pretty hype and happy she’s back at it.

Oh, but wait there is more… “Jackie” is hitting the road. Yes, that’s right! Ciara will be kicking off her tour May 3rd, 2015. This is her first tour back after 6 years so you can bet she is ready to leave her all on the stage doing what she loves.

According to her released tour dates, May 13th, is ATL, baaaaby!

Click link to view all #JackieTour dates.

Which city will you attend?

***In my best Ciara Voice…

It’s Ci-ara Bay-beee!






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