Music on the Ave: Diddy Makes Another Power Move #TheHitman

April, 22, 2015-Atlanta, GA— “People want to shine like Diddy, but they don’t want to put in work like Puff.” The living legend never ceases to amaze me with his tenacity for building empires and breaking news. So, it’s no shock that Diddy, better known in Instagram land as IamDiddy is making yet another power move.


Seriously Diddy, do you ever not work?


According, to the rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and so much more, he is “back behind the board”. Yes, that’s right! Diddy took to Instagram with a crazy big announcement. He broke news, letting his Instagram following know that he is linking up with ” The Hitman” and its newest force, Kanye West on his next album ‘MMM’ (Money Making Mitch).


Oh, that’s crazy. Genius crazy.

Hold up, who is #TheHitman?

The Hitman production team is noted for much of Diddy’s 90’s hits that made us want to jump, nod, and add some shoulder action. The Hitman members consist of Chucky Thompson, Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, Stevie J, Nashiem Myrick, and now Yeezy.


A post shared by Diddy (@diddy) on

Like, for real though, this might be crazy big.

Now, you know I had to check the comments from his post, just to see the people response to the announcement. Many fans seem to be excited, some want to be included, and a few went as far as to say hip-hop is making a comeback.


What are your thoughts?

Does Diddy Dance**




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