Brandy Hits Broadway Debuting in Chicago’s “Roxie Hart”


April 29th, 2015-Atlanta, GA– There is a first for everything and this, too, applies to the “Princess of R&B”, Brandy Norwood. The chart-topping and Grammy Award winner is adding more to her repertoire.

As if her (takes in deep breath***)

classic duet with Monica on the song “The Boy is Mine”

…sitcom “Moesha”

…the Walt Disney televised movie “Cinderella”

…being a “Dancing with the Stars” contestant,

…playing the character “Chardonnay” on the hit show “The Game”

…and millions of records sold is just not enough…..



I’m not the only one who agrees Brandy is truly a Triple Threat Entertainer. Those years of singing, acting, and dancing have been preparing Brandy for her new breakout role as “Roxie Hart” in the Broadway musical Chicago.  Here’s a fun fact: Brandy is a Broadway Neo and is the first African-American to be cast for this role!

Yes, in 2015 we still celebrate the Firsts!


I’ve never seen Chicago on Broadway, but over the years it has been recognized as the longest-running American musical on Broadway. This steamy sexy tale of greed, murder, and showbiz have made crowds worldwide sizzle with excitement since its first 1975 debut.

What does Brandy bring to the table?

Perhaps, a little fire and desire? I”m a Brandy fan for sure. She has a great voice and she is very entertaining. Oh, and with all the recent photos of her rehearsals uploaded to her Instagram she isn’t just ready to work, she is ready to slay!

This year’s opening act took place on Tuesday, April 28th and is set to close June 21st.

Brandy on the Today Show during her recent press tour for the show:

Click here for tickets and showtimes!


Will you be attending this Broadway hit?



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