This Month On The Avenue: MOMPRENEURS WHO ROCK!

May 8, 2015– Atlanta, GA– “EMPIRE” is one of America’s new favorite sitcoms, starring the perfect example of a Mompreneur who rocks, Cookie Lyon! Although Cookie has a rough past and bitchie attitude, she is a mother who love’s her children, and a woman who is about her BUSINESS! In recognition of Mother’s Day, our company will be sharing the profiles of Mompreneurs Who Rock!

What is a MOM-PRENEUR: a newly coined term used to describe a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of being a mother and being an entrepreneur.

Why Mompreneurs? To inspire! As women, we are always given reasons why we can’t. We want to shed light on women who CAN- HAVE- AND WILL! I truly believe 2015 is the year of the WOMAN! From Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign announcement, to the overflow of women business owners entering the market– we have come a LONG way!


Where are women-owned firms?


How much money are they making?


Women of color are ROCKING OUT! DID YOU KNOW?  Firms owned by women of color now account for one in three (32 percent) of women-owned firms in the United States.


Our Trusted Source

All month we will introduce you to women across the nation who are redefining what it means to be a mother and business owner in 2015.

Get ready to be inspired by these powerful women,




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