#TBT Mompreneur Who Rocks: Meet Monae Spivey

Monae Spivey, Publicist

Atlanta, GA

Mom Life: A mother of a 6 year old daughter.

Entrepreneur Life: Monae has been an entrepreneur over a year. While operating a business from the ground-up, she is also a Fraud Analyst by day. Monae has always been a forward-thinking individual with a background in media and branding. What started as just a “couch conversation” with her roommate turned business partner was the birth of her business, 736 Creative Consulting. Headquartered in Atlanta, and established in 2014, her business has a presence in other areas, including New York City. 736 Creative Consulting provides services that thrive in the beauty, film/TV, lifestyle, and entertainment industry.

Mompreneur Life: Monae’s wake up call is around 3:30am so that she can be at work by 5am. After putting in a 8 hour shift, she then leaves work at 1:30 pm to pick up her daughter from school. She finds time to get to the gym, prepare dinner, help her daughter with homework, and get her ready for bed by 8pm. Nevertheless, the night is still young for Monae, she spends the rest of time working on her business. Time is of the essence, and Monae is sure to maximize every minute of the day, in hopes to call it a night around midnight— just to rise the next morning and gracefully do it all over again.

Despite, Monae’s constant battle of balancing out being a mother first and attending network opportunities for the business, she agreed that scheduling and writing her day-to-day task down, help keep her on track .

Advice to future Mompreneurs:

Do not let children deter you from building your dream!

Although, we all have a favorite saying and quote, Monae is currently drawing her daily inspiration from Joyce Meyer’s book “Battlefield of the Mind”  a guide on how to stay focused so that our minds can produce a clear thought process.

Visit Monae Spivey online for more information.




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