Music on the Ave: Nicki and Yonce’ Debut “Feeling Myself,” Teaser Inside…


May 20, 2015-Atlanta, GA.- Disclaimer to the reader** There’s no full video in this post. We will not have Jay-Z and the entire Roc Nation coming for us!!

With over a 100K tweets alone on Twitter, the social networks were in overload and you can totally understand why, right?  The epic video release of Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s Feeling Myself made its debut.

And this is why you don’t sleep on Queens, Hunny! Ok!

The Coachella inspired video dropped on Tidal. Now why would they go and do that! I have to admit though; it was a rather smart move.


Branding 101:
Chart-topping artists + exclusive video release video under newly established company = Cha-Ching! Everyone gets paid, and the content remains exclusive!

However, everyone without a Tidal subscription or even the ones whose free trial period ended, were feeling a bit left out. Not for long though, we can always rely on that secret society to leak exclusive music and videos. *does evil laugh*

Leaking exclusive material is certainly not right, but baaaaa-by I got my entire life watching those clips, seeing the pictures, and others post. So, to whom it may concern, I thank you.

This is the best we could do, a teaser shared via You Tube from Tidal.

And to my two enchanted Queens, can I please be your best friend??? Because me and Taylor Swift have bad blood.

Feeling Myself.

To the 24 people who actually saw the full video, what did you think?




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