How to Give Your Nails a Sizzling Summer Upgrade (Plus Must-Have Polish Tips)


After months of wintry days that seemed to never end and the inevitable longing for summer, it is finally sandal season! The only downside that comes with putting away our booties and gloves? We now have to pay strict attention to our manis/pedis. Summer is a great excuse to make a beauty statement like no other by grabbing some insanely bright nail polish colors, perfect for poolside fun, music festivals, and making an easy style transformation in a matter of seconds.

Even some of my favorite celebrities have started paying just as much attention to their summer nails as they have their daily outfits. From simplistic to bedazzled and over-the-top, take a peak at the latest celebritiy “nailfies” to inspire your look this season:

Khloe Kardashian 


Melanie B


Now that you’ve got a few color ideas, you’ll need tips for keeping your bold colors safely protected this season, and of course, I’ve got you covered. Check below:

1. Nail Prep

When wearing brighter hues, be sure to always prep your nails with a base coat so that the color doesn’t stain your nails or chip too quickly.

2. Polish Technique

For long-lasting results, be sure to polish with thin, even strokes so that the layers aren’t clumpy and to ensure that the polish dries easily.

3. Finish with Top Coat

For a shiny finish, seal your nail polish with a top coat and you’re good to go!

Will you be rushing out to get a manicure this week? What’s your go-to nail color? Any colors you want to try? Share your thoughts below!

Stay Stylish,

Briea Curington


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