Music on the Avenue: Jill Scott is Back

jill scott headshot
To the music lovers across the land,

There are some artist that create a vibe like no other, and that person ladies and gentlemen, is Jill Scott.

I remember it like it was yesterday, turning the TV to the Music Choice Channel in hopes to catch a moment to sing Scott’s debut song, “A Long Walk,” from her first album “Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1.” That was nearly 15 years ago! Now of course, I struggled with getting all the lyrics correct, but the sway in my hips and the snap in my fingers…Honey! Truth is, I could take Jill Scott’s previous repertoire and put those bad boys on repeat, at least until July 24th.

Nevertheless, Jill Scott took to her Instagram releasing her cover art for her new album, the release date, and her summer tour dates!

The Grammy-Award winner’s fifth studio project titled “Woman” already has a chart topping lead single “Fools Gold,” there is no doubt the sultry, soulful, storytelling, singer and songwriter will deliver.

Scott’s album is set to drop on July 24th and the tour kicks off on July 9th in St. Louis.

Hot Summer+Cool Vibes= Uh yes, can I get a ticket to Jill Scott’s Concert, please.

So, which city will you be attending?

Click here for complete list of tour dates.



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