Music on the Avenue: #JanetReturns

It’s been over a month since Janet Jackson’s big announcement of new music and world tour. Yet, Jackson still has every bit of our attention.

Keeping up with Jackson…

Jackson took to Twitter a couple of days ago sharing with the world her first single “No Sleep” from her upcoming album seven years after her last 2008 project. The sexy song is currently leading in Billboards #Trending140.

However, you can bet Jackson’s super fans are wide awake with excitement after the mass plead for her return.

Jackson has given us hit after hits with her sultry sound and provocative style in which she has left an unforgettable mark in the industry that inspires us all.

So, just as her Twitter bio reads, “icon, a trendsetter, a businessperson, a multi-gifted artist: songwriter/producer/actor/dancer.” Those have certainly proven to be facts.


So Janet, for the remainder of the year, I’m totally here for you and congrats on being honored as the first ever Ultimate Icon Award recipient at this year’s BET Awards.




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