#WCW The Next Amy Winehouse: Angelina Jordan Performs Live!

To my music heads,

Music is such a universal love language. It has the power to uplift spirits, and bring joy to those who are in need of a boost. My best friend shared this beautiful piece with me, and I MUST share. I was, and still am, a huge fan of Amy Winehouse. I’ve always been a fan of the sultry sounds she produces…. Well, the next Amy Winehouse is starting to make waves on the international music scene.

Angelina Jordan Astar, also known as Angelina, is a Norwegian singer who shot to fame after singing classic jazz pieces, including “Gloomy Sunday” and Fly Me to the Moon”, which went viral on YouTube (source).  

I am officially convinced, yet again, that age isn’t anything but a number. The next Amy Winehouse, or Beyoncé is probably sitting in a classroom in the 2nd grade, learning more about her multiplication tables. We must empower the youth by letting them know, they can seek out their dreams and passions at any age!

Check out this endearing video of the Eight-Year-Old Sensation as she sings “What A Difference A Day Makes.”




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