“I’m Coming Straight Outta Compton!” 10 Lessons Learned from the Hit Biopic!

This will be my mood for at least the next week or two. After the genius promotional efforts for the film, this highly-anticipated film was sure to impress. Last month, I finally saw the movie everyone has been raving about, and it was worth all the praise! With a release date of August 14th, the biopic film grossed at $60.2 million opening weekend, and is still racking in the bankroll, with $26.8 million in week two.

“Compton” surged past the $100 million mark with this weekend’s draw. The has helped add to Universal’s total on the year, now more than $2 billion, according to data from Box Office Mojo. (source)

Of course, money is important but that isn’t what made this film so epic. It was the truth displayed as the tale of being black in America, and Straight out of Compton, was illustrated in every scene. I was so impressed with the selection of each cast member, all of whom seamlessly brought to life the real stories being told.

As a 90s baby, I’ll admit, I didn’t know the full story behind NWA (Nigg#$ with Attitude), I only heard of them through my uncle who was a big fan, and mainstream media. The movie was nothing short of a lesson in Black American History, a subject that is rarely talked about in Hollywood. Without giving too many details, I’ve compiled a list of ten lessons learned from N.W.A.


10. Rap was the weapon used by N.W.A. to fight the war on being black in America.

Twenty years later, there is still a war on the black family–and we are still fighting. When there is no justice, there is no peace, history is merely repeating itself. #BlackLivesMatter

9. There were a lot of bishes and hoes.

My feminist-self recognized the treatment of women throughout the movie. The film showed the fast lifestyles led by the group, including the domination of women. There were no names given to the ladies, except bishes and hoes. Rumor has it that N.W.A. is blamed for the derogatory terms used in rap music today, Thoughts?

8. Being an artist, in business, can be a real challenge. Be careful who you trust.

7. Eazy-E was a Boss, the Boss.

6. Ice Cube is the G.O.A.T.

That stands for the Greatest of All Time. He is a writer, producer, rapper, husband (for over 20 years), father and more! Talk about a black man on a mission. Cube is a GOAT.

5. Eff the Police was a Movement, and still is today, sorta.

Disagree? Just turn on the television.

4. Dr. Dre is a mastermind behind many of our favorite artists.

Eminem, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, you name it. Dre is a mastermind, and Dre Beats changed the entire headphone game.

3. You can get out of your struggle.

If these fellas came Straight Outta Compton, you can make it straight outta whatever situation you think is delaying your dream being realized. There is no excuse, go get your greatness!

2. Protect your talent.

Because people will use you as much as it helps their agenda. Protect your talent.

1. Being Black is POWER!

Not really a lesson, more so a confirmation.

Fun fact: The highest grossing box office was right here at Atlantic Station, here in Atlanta!

What did you think of Compton?


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