Refinery 29 Confirms: 11 Most Disappointing Pieces of Advice from Amber Rose’s Book “How to Be a Bad Bitch”

October 28, 2015– (Atlanta, GA)– From the Slut Walk to the release of her latest book, “How to be a Bad Bitch,” Amber Rose has something to tell the lovely women of the world.

Our friends at Refinery 29 have made things clear, Amber suggests some of the MOST Disappointing Pieces of Advice to women, and we are here to help spread the word.

As Seen on Refinery 29…

“I had high hopes for Amber Rose’s book. You could say it’s because I’ve spent the past few months watching her shut down sexist bullshit. Take, for example, her response to a GQ story that ignored her own professional achievements and simply listed her as Kanye’s former girlfriend and Wiz Khalifa’s “baby mama.” And what about her VMA outfit that was decorated with all the nasty names she’s been called? Most recently, she encouraged women to embrace their sexuality in her Slut WalkCLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST!”



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