#SellingItATL VIP Premiere Party Recap, Celeb Images, Show Feedback, and More!

November 4, 2015– (ATLANTA,GA)– Last evening was filled with lights, cameras, and action thanks to the celebration of Atlanta’s Newest Reality TV show, Selling It in the ATL on WeTV ! The show features an inside glimpse into the life of a Real Estate agent in the competitive Metro Atlanta Housing Market. Everyone hears about how your money goes much further in the South, but most people aren’t exactly sure what this looks like in reality. This show will provide viewers with an intimate experience of what it’s like to buy, sell, and flip property in Atlanta.

While the Metro Atlanta Population boasts about 4 million people— and growing– one must wonder, where do all these people live? How is Atlanta accommodating the new influx of residents, and how can I (viewers) get in the mix? It is a seller’s market and the time to buy is now. The battle between the New South and Old South continues as these women go above and beyond for their fair share.


The cast is made of seven dynamic women with vibrant personalities: Jae, Okevia, Tahlia, Sarah, A’lana, Chrishena, and Gwen. Each cast member was present last night as they made their debut on the big screen. One thing I noticed about the cast is the versatility of each cast member.

Okevia, is a salon owner, in addition to being in real estate. Sarah represents the perspectives of the Old South and deals with a more focused customer, white people with old money. Tahlia is the firecracker of them all, and uses her “goods” to do whatever necessary to close deals. Although she made no mention of what she uses… she made it clear that she doesn’t go too far. ***side eye. Jae, is young and ready to get her foot in the door as a realtor, and learns the ropes from A’lana. Which brings me to my next point– this is Atlanta, A’lana rocks fierce colored tresses, and dropped an F-bomb during the first episode.. Aye, turn up though! Gwen is a more seasoned realtor and has recently decided to come back on the scene. Then Chrishena, gives a total NYC vibe, and her relationship with her mother is admirable.


  1. Atlanta Real Estate is BOOMIN. — The show will be both informing and entertaining. It reminds me of House Hunters, and the insight on the emerging neighborhoods around Atlanta is very helpful! If you’re thinking about buying here, this show gives you a road map.
  2. No drama, yet. — It’s the first episode, I’ll wait on it.
  3. Character Differences– Love the diversity, curious to see how the storyline will evolve.
  4. No Real Housewives Here, All Single Cast? Boyfriends don’t count! (in this context). Okevia is divorced, and she commends her ex-husband on his co-parenting skills… but no wives on this show. Could it be the life/career balance? I digress..
  5. Old Money vs. New Money– This is still the south. Sarah brings a frank attitude about the power of old money, but she wants in on the new money. A’lana, on the other hand, wants a taste of Old Money deals.

Without giving too much away, I encourage you to tune in this Thursday Nov. 5, 2015  at 10/9c on WeTV!

Check out some of the images taken last night from the Press Room and leave your comments below.

What do you think, will you be watching the show?

RHOA Kandi Burris


Claudia Jordan, Demetria McKinney, and Carlos King
Cast and NYC WeTV Team, along with WeTV President, Marc Juris
Chris Hudson, Creative Director Life’s Journey Clothing; Marc Juris, President of WeTV, Giselle Warren, Founder of Giselle Ave, and WeTV’s Lauren Gellert

More Images Here


“Atlanta is booming and women are taking over the real estate game. Tensions rise as seven realtors compete to claim their stake in prime ATL properties. With clients ranging from NFL players and music industry giants to CEOs and foreign diplomats, these boss women use their business acumen and large personalities to close deals. When the Old & New South clash and alliances shift, can profits prevail over personal drama?”

Click Here for Full Show Details



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