#TBT Nicki Minaj Offends Taylor Swift

In honor of #TBT and Being Petty, we are going to bring this little topic byke..

Who knew a single tweet could cause such an uproar, ok we all know the effects of a post spiraling out of control and becoming the most popular trending topic, but Tuesday’s Twitter Happenings were on a whole other level.

After scrolling through my news feed, I was rather proud of the topic and dialogue among the followers and here’s why…

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter Tuesday, you know doing that thing we all do from time to time, “posting what’s on our mind” and no I’m not talking Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce. Minaj tweeted “If I was a different kind of artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year” in regards to the VMA’s. The “Bad Blood” singer, Taylor Swift was obviously bothered by Minaj’s tweet that never singled anyone out per say.

Now, I know Nicki is clever at scattering palm trees in conversations, speeches, and rhymes; but Taylor Swift have a seat. I mean we can still be best friends, but when did you become the entire music industry. Nicki Minaj was just stating the absolute truth. Call me bias if you want, but race and feminism is still very much an issue in the entertainment industry.

I’m sure neither one of their publicist were happy with the backlash from each of their die-hard fans, even though Minaj and Swift are still on good terms. Nevertheless, Minaj had a broad and valid point that needed to be addressed.

What do you think about the Minaj and Swift rant?




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