#Millennials Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2016


I get it, most people set realistic goals: land your dream job, graduate from college, start a family, get married, blasé blasé. Then there are people like me, who dream up the most unimaginable goals– just for the challenge. Well, making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list is by far, the most official goal of them all.

As I trolled through Twitter, I noticed trending news #Forbes30Under30 and I had to chime in on the conversation! All I can say is: MOTIVATION MONDAY! What better time to drop this esteemed list than in the middle of the afternoon, on the first Monday of 2016, as everyone get settled back into their routine? It’s time to get motivated, by the stories of each entrepreneur featured on the list!

Special Shouout to our friend Jewel Melanie, Founder of PartPic, based here in Atlanta. After meeting Jewel during #GoodieHackATL I knew I was in the right circle, finally. I also caught up with Jewel at Founders Therapy session in December 2015, as she shared what she thought would happen vs. what actually happened. To hear her reflections of 2015 and to read her story in Forbes at the top of 2016 reminds me of one thing: DON’T STOP, GET IT, GET IT!

Click here for the full list and get motivated people… and to my fellow Millennials, It’s Our Turn!



-Giselle, ATL

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