The Beyonce Brand: Why Beyonce is a PR Genius+Video Inside!

“I might just be the black Bill Gates in the making”- Beyoncé, Formation

Twas, the night before Super Bowl Sunday night and the #BeyHive was content, until Queen B dropped a new song and video that broke the internet:


After over 15 years in the industry, it is clear why Beyoncé reigns Queen as all around entertainer with numerous chart-topping hits and awards. However, after this weekend it is also clear as to why she is a PR Genius as well.

So, let’s recap…

  • Saturday evening, Beyoncé drops a new song and visual
  • Sunday Super Bowl, Beyoncé performs at Halftime Show

And then low and behold, she does the unthinkable…

  • Beyoncé has an advertisement announcing a World Tour

Like Seriously, Bey!!!

After being silent for some time now and no real clues for us to believe that she would be stepping on the scene with something so new…she did!

She reeled us in with the anticipation of her Super Bowl performance, she got us all the way together with the debut of her new song and video, that debuted on Tidal.


Tidal- Jay-Z’s business venture and music subscription streaming service.

Keep the coins in the kingdom, Bey. #SmartMoneyMakesMoney

On top of all that, she invested in a Super Bowl Ad announcing a World Tour. Now, one of the most highlighted moments of watching are the Super Bowl Ads. Buying Super Bowl commercial spots are a hefty investment for businesses to promote their product or services, in hopes to capture our attention.

Fortunately, Beyoncé and her squad has crafted her talent and creativity for many years to strategically establish, maintain, and over-achieve with the Beyoncé Brand.

In the World of PR, Beyoncé with 59 million Instagram followers, took a Super Bowl Weekend that had everything to do with football; and hypnotized minds with visual content, entertainment, and  social media.

Now of course, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding Beyoncé’s Black Lives Matter inspired performance…but who cares?!


Check out the exclusive FORMATION video ICYMI here:

Kings and Queens, this is the Beyoncé Brand.


Shani H.







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