#Beauty Crush: Here’s Why I’m Obsessed With Colour U Cosmetics!


There’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering and falling in love with new beauty brands, especially ones owned by and for women of color. If you’ve ever been to a makeup counter and unsuccessfully tried finding a foundation that matches your skin tone, you understand my excitement.

This is why Colour U Cosmetics is such a big deal. Located in both Atlanta and Los Angeles, the beauty line provides products that are not only super luxurious but flattering to darker skin tones, from olive to mahogany. What I love most is that when it comes to shades, what you see is truly what you get. No more guessing if the lipstick you purchased is true to color or not. And with celebrities such as Angie Stone, Erica and Tina Campbell, and Demetria McKinney rocking the brand faithfully, I’m in good company!

Colour U Cosmetics, owned and created by Karen Stallings, is made with the finest ingredients, which instantly warmed my heart even more. An offering that gives special attention and care to what its customers are putting on their skin? Major. Even better?  It doesn’t shy away from bold, vibrant shades. I personally enjoy experimenting with a variety of colors from blues and pinks to yellows and greens, not just the standard neutral. So I’m all here for its rich lipstick colors, complete with vitamins and antioxidants that will moisturize your lips, as well as bright eyeshadow palettes and blush that add dimension to your face.


The entire line includes:

Bold Lipsticks

Lip Gloss

Matte Finish Foundations


Loose and Bold Shadows


Brow Powder

Dual Powders

Eye and Lip Pencils

Brushes and Brush Sets


Volumizing Mascara

Explaining how the cosmetics collection came about, CEO Karen Stallings says: Colour U Cosmetics started for me personally and professionally so that I could have a product that would do what I needed to do as an artist. ” [Rolling Out]  

Love! And right now, I’m obsessing over the brand’s Blue Addiction lipstick, retailing for $15.00. It’s so on-trend for the upcoming Spring months and will instantly upgrade your beauty look, regardless of the occasion.


Want to learn more? Check out this brand introduction:

Will you be trying Colour U Cosmetics? Let me know what you think!

Stay Stylish,

Briea L. Curington

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