58th Grammy Awards 2016 Recap: Fashion, Winners, and Performances

This past Monday was one of the biggest nights in music, the Grammy Awards aired live on CBS. The Grammy’s is one of the most anticipated award shows among the award show season honoring and celebrating diverse excellence in the recording industry, along with seeing the latest fashion trends—including a surprise presenter who slayed. *Continue reading for the deets*

The three and a half hour show, according to my Twitter timeline— had some good moments and not so good moments.

So, let’s recap the trending moments of the Grammy’s:

LL Cool J, Host


I have such a love for LL Cool J, I even took to my twitter to say he was my #MCM as the Grammy’s host, but I couldn’t help notice that some of my followers were wondering why LL Cool J had some disappearing moments. I agree.

Have we become immune to him as a host or are we wanting to see and hear more of him?

Honestly, there weren’t to many high moments in this year’s show, but the opening number of “Hamilton” on Broadway was amazing. Also, their acceptance speech for Best Musical Theater Album was epic.

Lionel Richie Tribute


The Lionel Richie Tribute for the MusiCares Award was good. I love hearing John Legend. I wish Tyrese would have had another song choice, but Demi Lovato left it all on the stage. Overall, the tribute was a good moment and a well-deserved one.

May your legacy continue to live on Mr. Lionel Richie. #Salute

King Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar’s performance was the best performance of the night, hands down. He never disappoints, kicking off his performance with “The Blacker The Berry” while portraying jail inmates to his action packed closing. King Kendrick Lamar uses his platform to speak about today’s black America experiences and I cant help but gravitate toward something so true and authentic.

Kendrick, Thank You.



Ok, now let’s talk Adele. It’s obvious she has had great moments before, but last night not so much. Now, anytime Adele is set to perform and I am able to watch, my expectations are high. I don’t expect her to mess up much or sing off key. However, last night she fell short of the note on “All I Ask. She did publicly inform us that something happened with the sound while performing that caused her to sing off key.

It’s ok, Adele. I understand and I still love you.

David Bowie Tribute


Lady Gaga is an artistic genius. Lady Gaga gave a tribute to the late David Bowie. She bodied him to the fullest. I honestly don’t know of any other artist that could have pulled off a tribute like that. The makeup and mannerisms were spot on. It was truly a good Gaga moment paying homage to a legend.

Queen Bey, Slays!


Beyoncé was a presenter for the final award of the night, Record of the Year. I was not really expecting her to be in attendance, especially after not seeing her grace the red-carpet. Seriously, Bey, enough with the surprises. After being announced as a presenter  earlier in the show, Beyoncé shows up slaying  in a stunning  white laced gown. This was probably one of my best dressed looks of the night.


Last, but not least…Taylor Swift disses Yeezy


What better way to express your self than by doing it in your acceptance speech. Although Kanye West was not present at the Grammy’s, Taylor had a lot to say to him. After Kanye, released a song with a line talking about the mega-selling singer. So what exactly did she say that got my Twitter feed in a frenzy…

“I want to say to all the young women out there-there are going to be people along the way who are going to try undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments on your fame…” -Taylor Swift

What are some of your top moments from the Grammy’s 2016?

Shani H.


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