#FBF Flashback Friday: All Things Brandy


Be sittin up in my room
Back here thinkin bout you
I must confess, I’m a mess for you
Be sittin up in my room
Back here thinkin bout you
I’m just a mess with a thing for you…..

Brandy has BEEN giving us good music since she was a teen! In 2016, with all the cute trending images of the #BrandyBarbie @4everBarbieBrandy, it’s only right that we highlight why Brandy is still a media sensation from way back till now.

Brandy first rose to the fame in the 90’s after signing with Atlantic Records and debuting her first hit single “I Wanna Be Down” from her self-titled album.

Over twenty years later, they young Whitney Houston inspired Brandy better known today as #Slayana is still a hot force to be reckon with. Brandy has proven to be a timeless act. Her rich and sweet soulful style with a mix of pop has gained her numerous success with chart-topping and award-wining hits. It was also in her earlier years, when the teenage Brandy spent many years blossoming as an actress and now stars on her newest series Zoe Ever After after her last role as “Chardanay” on BET’s The Game.

From her colorful fashions and braids to her now chic wardrobe and plump Havana twist, yaaaas Brandy still has the juice. So in honor of this Queen’s long-lived and still thriving career in the entertainment industry we want to flashback to some of our favorite moments of Brandy!

Memory Lane.


 The real first black Cinderella.



Thanks Brandy for being awesome!

—Shani H



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