#BelleInTheCity Black Girl Magician

Words cannot express how much confidence I’ve gained about myself thanks to the Revolution of Black Womanhood. As a child, institutions convinced us that we were not pretty, our hair was nappy, and our history, was not important.

But, we educated ourselves and we are finally WOKE! This idea of Black Girl Magic is literally embedded in my soul. I feel the power of our beauty. I embrace the beauty of my Sunkissed, Dark Brown Skin. I enjoy sharing my voice and ideas with people who seek them out. I appreciate the versatility of black women. God has really shed light on the beauty of what it means to be a Black Girl, and I am so happy to be apart of this strong, powerful community.

When I see a black girl, I speak because she’s my sister. I say hey, how are you? I love your hair!

We are coming back to our true nature of supporting one another, building community, and embracing who we really are..

Wait, I guess I found the words….





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