#BelleInTheCity How Being Present Changed My Life

See the future.

Learn from the past.

Live in the Now.

I’ll admit, these are the most awkward times of my 27-year-old life. I’m no longer chasing towards the future, or reliving a past that haunts me.. I’m simply living in the Now. It’s here, waiting for us to embrace it, but who actually lives in the Now?  I enjoy blogging and sharing my random thoughts under the column #BelleInTheCity so here I am–being present and doing just that; writing a blog to share my random thoughts, under the column Belle in the City. I am being present. Living in my Now.

Try it, it helps!

See the Future.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. —Jonathan Swift

So yes, if you see something that is invisible to others, you might start feeling a little cray-cray. I see this thing clearly, and no one else does? It’s clear to me, why doesn’t everyone else see what I see? What everyone else can or can not see, is none of your business. There’s a downside to having vision: it can drive you crazy. But I’d rather be crazy than to not live out this vision that I can only see. What do you want to see? Having vision is imperative to seeing your future pan itself out…. but living in the Now is even more crucial to seeing things as they are: practically.

Learn from the past.

“Oh I remember those days, I used to be the man! I used to be so into that, I used to…. blasé blasé…”

We’ve heard it all before. This is the hardest lesson of the all: learning from the past. I am literally JUST now nudging this one into my brain: the past has no use for your present moment. The ship called life  is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes, the ocean is rough, the tide is high.. and the waves are seemingly deadly. But, there is hope for the future, by learning from the past.

Live in The Now.

I am here, willing to accept every current emotion, experience, and advantage that I have. Life is a journey, not a race. Let’s embrace the Now by living in it.

hands up





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