My Response: Millennials Are Not Impatient, We Are Learning From The Past

My Response: Millennials Aren’t Impatient, We’re Learning From The Past


Oh what do you know? Another jab at Millennials. I came across this article 4 days ago on Linked In, the World’s Largest Professional Network, that raised the topic of whether or not Millennials are “Too Impatient in the Workplace,” written by a well-respected columnist who is not a millennial. I enjoyed the opinions shared which confirmed the fact that some companies are stuck with the same 1990’s mentality of “Climbing the Corporate Ladder” and waiting 10-15 years to do so. Fast forward to 2013— times are changing just as fast as tweets are posted per second.

Read my comment that received 130+ Likes on Linked In! If you’re familiar with the platform, you know that Linked In isn’t your average social network. It is full of legitimate, working professionals ranging from lawyers and doctors, to successful IT start-up business owners, and Millionaire Matchmakers as seen on TV (no really, Patti and I are connections on Linked In).

Here is how I see it:

Hi I am a Millennial–

I agree with Brian Halligan on this one. We aren’t impatient, we are learning from previous generations who waited 10-15 years for that “promotion” only to get laid off due to company’s downsizing. We are the generation of start-ups, the digital age, and social entrepreneurship. If Mark Zuckerberg had been a little more “patient” and waited for Corporate America to offer him a position, social media wouldn’t be what it is today. I watched a TedX talk of a 12-year-old who is a successful App developer– now that’s inspiring! As a member of the Now generation, I encourage others to be inspired by our willingness to keep climbing until we can’t get enough. As for me, I would agree that I am more concerned with the impact I have on an organization than the salary I make. Either way, the time is now to understand that we are the entering the workforce with advanced degrees and comparable experience. I’m excited to see what’s next, isn’t that ironic?


Are millennials too impatient, no— we are  apart of a graduating class that does not have access to jobs we were always told existed during college. I encourage anyone reading this post to take charge of your professional career! Whether college educated or not, it is important to build transferrable skills that one can use no matter what industry he or she is in.

Here is the real question, let’s talk about the generation that will come behind us– I personally don’t think college will be as widely expected as it is today. In fact, young adults under 20 will probably be among the world’s richest entrepreneurs thanks to the information age we live in. They are teaching themselves and helping older generations understand this undeniable wave of new technology and “apps for that.”

I’m just saying… What do you think?


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