#MajorKeyAlert: Fan Luv

“Always stay gracious, your best revenge is your paper…”

Famous lyrics from Beyoncé “Formation”  which has also proven to be just that for DJ Khaled who has gained much more recognition, success, and notoriety after taking Snapchat to the next level and the rest is history…

DJ Khaled, as most of us know has been in the industry for many years and is known for shouting the famous tagline “We the Best“.

However, within the past year we have seen DJ Khaled connect with the world in a #MAJOR way and we absolutely love it. His genius decision to use social platforms to invite us into his world while sharing knowledge made us feel like we were his family. His gift, his ability to connect, and his genuine appreciation to his fans after years of blood, sweat, and tears have opened up long-awaited doors.

Yes. DJ Khaled has secured many endorsements deal like Apple, he has served on several panels like BETX ’16 Genius Talk, and not to mention he just finished touring with Beyoncé on the U.S. Formation Tour.

A THANK YOU LETTER TO @beyonce and 🐝hive and fan luv … Dreams come true Don't ever let "they" tell you you can't do it. They told me I would never tour. Well I just finished touring with the biggest artist walking the planet. They told me I would never touch a stage in a high school arena. Well I just finished touching the stage in every stadium in every major city in America. Dreams come true. But you have to work hard, you gotta work very hard!!! In order to stand beside the icon @beyonce You gotto work hard for over 25 years and dedicate your blood sweat and tears to making your dreams a reality. I want to thank Beyoncé for putting me on stage in front of a stadium full of loyal fans of the 🐝 Hive and Fan luv! Dreams come true. Momma I made it!!! Fan luv we did it. We showed THEY that nothing can stop us if we move with a clean heart and a clear purpose. Beyoncé I want to say thank you for allowing me to bring my energy and passion on stage every night. Thank you for allowing me to bring on all the artists who jumped on stage with me to bring the fans a special energy called Major Key Alert!!!! Beyoncé I want to say thank you for providing me and the millions of millions of fans across the globe your amazing talent and music and performance. You're the queen!!!! Fan Luv this is just the beginning!!! I'm up to something!!!! Oh u thought I was gonna quit???!!!! Never!!!! It's We The Best!! It's Roc Nation!!! It's PARK WOOD !!!It's Epic Records!!!! I will never stop!!!!! Bless up. @beyonce thank u so much I have tears of joy ! God is the Greatest!!!! #MAJOR🔑 the album it's coming!! @wethebestmusic !!! I have more to say @beyonce thank u again!! 🐝hive and fan luv please get this letter to Beyonce !! Thank u in advance !! 🐝🔑🙏🏽 OH YEAH IM POST THIS 2 times wit 2 pics I have to not everyday u get take ICONIC PICS WIT @beyonce !!!!!!! 🐝🔑🐝🔑 photo credit @kodaklens

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Khaled who prides himself on being the absolute best knows that his strength and support come from his loyal fans whom he consistently celebrate with #FanLuv.

Khaled recently took to Facebook after the release of his new album–which is #1— with a touching thank you letter to all is fans who have supported him from day one! He outlines his gratitude, his goals, and inspiring his fans to:

 Keep winning and embrace your blessings– even when the odds stand against you.







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