Vibes We Love: “Bird Song” by M.I.A.

I’m a parrot

I’m robin this joint

Not a lyre bird

Sure ain’t a vulture

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m vibing to M.I.A. –an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer who recently debuted her new single, “Bird Song,” and I’m here for it!

M.I.A. is well-known for her unique sound that couples rap with alternative/dance/electronic and hip-hop— all in one. I’ve been a fan of hers since 2007, when she released “Bamboo Banga.”

Fast forward to 2016, this single is a hit!

It makes me want to literally get out of my seat–and dance like no one is watching…Just being honest.


Check it out below and see for yourself:


What did you think? Are you feeling this single as much as I am?

Click the image below to stream her latest album “AIM” on Apple Music now!











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