Heist at La Merina

DISCLAIMER TO THE READER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, phrases and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are solely used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Reader’s discretion is strongly advised.

They say everyone you meet is either a lesson or a blessing. This lesson cost more than anyone could have ever imagined. It took place in Charlotte, NC in a family home on the East side. There was a rising girl group, La Merina that was practicing at Maria, the lead band member’s parent’s in-home studio. Her dad, Pedro, was a multi-platinum Latin artist and always had a house full of stars and heavy hitters throughout the day. Pedro was very proud of the legacy he earned for his family. On this day, however, the family legacy would be shook up forever.

Maria met Ace at a neighborhood bar and it was love at first sight. Ace was not a typical brother—yes, he was a brother. Ace was from New York and moved to the South to escape the fast life he grew very familiar with. He worked at a moving company on the North Side and was a big-time hustler in the streets. Ace had an affinity for Latino women because of his exposure to the culture and women while he lived in NY. He was a young, handsome, charming brother who surrounded himself with those who wanted the finer things in life. Maria’s father didn’t approve of her relationship with Ace simply because he wanted her to keep the family gene pool strong by only dating within the race. Maria was a female rebel and didn’t like for her love life to be monitored, as her dad often would do. Maria and Ace hit it off pretty quickly, so much that they were moving fast for just about everyone who knew of their love affair.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Maria’s father, Pedro, held a big family and friends BBQ to help celebrate the 20 year anniversary of his first album going platinum, “DIABLO.” The album was truly Pedro’s claim to fame, as he toured the world debuting some of the greatest hits of his career. The house was filled with joy and love. There were over 50 guests, among them including well-known Latin artists in the community and friends from the diverse neighborhood.

But, there was an unexpected guest, Ace. Maria and Ace had a big fight a week or so before the party, and Maria still had no idea why. After about a month of dating, Maria was convinced Ace could be the one. But when they had their disagreement on whether or not to dine at a particular restaurant while at Maria’s loft, Ace changed. He was not the same person Maria had fell for, he was in fact, completely different. Ace stormed out of Maria’s loft with fury and his last words:

“I’ll be back.”

But he never came back. An entire week had gone by and still no word or sign of Ace. Maria started to blame herself,

“I should have just gone with whatever he wanted to eat. I can be so picky sometimes.”

After calling Ace over 20 times in that week, Maria decided to let Ace have some space.

“He did say, he would be back,” she reminded herself.

Ace came back the day of the party. He came in a large black SUV, there were actually 4 large, black SUVs. Pedro’s house guests assumed it was one of his VIP’s so no one even noticed Ace and his uninvited guests as they drove through the gates and past security.

“Maria, I’m baaack!”

Exclaimed Ace as he rolled down the window of the SUV. Maria came trotting out of the house with a huge smile on her face,

“Baby, I’m so happy to see you!” Ace replied with sarcasm,

“I told you I would be back.”

In an instant, the SUVs stopped and the men jumped out of the trucks dressed in normal street attire. They had on bullet proof vests and had large guns with them. Maria looked in despair,

“What’s going on? Ace, what are you doing?”

The men wasted no time. They started opening fire on everyone in the front lawn. The men, the women, the children—no one was shown any mercy. There was screaming on the house lawn as guests tried to flee the scene, only the house was gated, and it was almost impossible to get off the property without the risk of being shot. Pedro and his men were inside, along with some of his VIP guests. Pedro’s guests also had guns, so it soon grew into a bloody warfare as the men attempted to defend their homes with an arsenal of weapons. But they were outnumbered.

Ace and his men made it into the house, but everyone was hidden. Ace said with terror,

“Pedro, let’s talk business. Let’s talk money. I need $1M wired to this bank account—now— or everyone dies. Now, everyone is dead on the lawn,” he shared with a cynical chuckle, “but I’ll spare you house nig^&s for about a mili.” He and his men laughed. “You Mexicans love to come to our country and take all the jobs and all the money and don’t leave shit for me and my niggas to eat. Shit, I want to eat too! Feed me Pablo! Pedro, Pablo whatever the fuck your name is!”

There was dead silence. Maria was hiding inside her bedroom, in her closet and her iPhone was nowhere in sight. She was crying with terror, and could hear the men scurrying around the mansion. The family dog, Migo, came running towards Ace from upstairs and

“Clat, clat, clat,” Ace shot him instantly.

“Alright Pedro, since I guess you don’t hear me, I want you to see me, and feel me, you know what I’m saying? Yeah, I want you to feeeeel me! All you muthafuckas do is take all the jobs. I lived in NY for all my life and saw how you taco-eating clowns would just take over the neighborhoods, hell the entire country. Shit, then your women have all them fucking kids and here they come, making everyone annoyed as fuck. You’re going to pay for every Latin nigga I ever met who disrespected my people.”

Ace and his men opened fire. He went down to the basement and saw about 30 of the guests standing there with their hands up, screaming

“Please, don’t shoot, please!”

Ace looked them dead in their eyes, “That’s what Alton, Trayvon, Terence, and Philando said, don’t shoot. But me no speaka English, mutha fucka!”

“Clat, Clat, Clat.”

It was a modern day killing spree. Ace and his men eventually shot and killed every single person who came to the party. There was no mercy shown. Once they confirmed the dead bodies, they started pouring gasoline all over the house. They drenched the mansion with gasoline, and the lawn where the dead bodies laid to rest. They casually walked back outside and jumped into their SUVs.

Ace then pulled a box of matches out of his pocket and lit a fat blunt of OG kush and said

“Make America Great Again.”

He then threw several lit matches on the lawn. The fire spread rapidly, and the mansion was left in flames.

Ace and his men drove away into the abyss, blasting 2Pac’s “Hit em’ Up.”

The police still have no suspects in the heinous crime committed on this day.





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