#MusicMonday KAYTRANADA, “99.9%”

Hello Autumn.

Hello Autumn Breeze.

Hello coats, booties, pumpkin-flavored everything.

Hello SEC Football, also known as, Alabama Football Domination.

Hello New Music.

Hello Homecoming Weekends.

Hello New TV Shows to stream.

Even though we are well in to the last days of October, I have finally taken a moment to soak in the new season: Fall Twenty Sixteen. I’m going to go ahead and say what everyone is thinking: wasn’t it just hot outside? Weren’t we just quoting Drake lyrics, in confident anticipation of being great all Summer Sixteen?

Well, this past weekend, Atlanta officially welcomed Autumn and the not-so-welcomed cold temperatures.



The best part of Autumn is the debut of everything new. From Fall Fashion, to new TV shows, this season keeps everyone indoors, and in-the-know about the latest trends in popular culture.

This season, my goal is to elevate my lifestyle. I’m going as deep as I can in order to get to know my True Self. Not the self on social media, not the self at work–but the core of what makes me, me. I’ve decided to make several internal changes from dietary options to social media intake to regular physical activity. I am mastering my mornings, guarding my energy, and protecting my thoughts in order to truly celebrate the essence of me.

One thing I’ve decided to do is to refrain from music that does not empower. Music is a universal language and is fuel to the soul. Whatever we listen to, we subconsciously become. Whether you’re asking for “A Seat at the Table,” or a glass of “Lemonade,”– music has the power to set the tone for conquering your day ahead.

Or— being defeated by traffic during your daily commute to work because the music makes you want to “turn up?”

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.— Lao Tzu

While refining my Apple Music playlists, I came across an artist I fell in love with at first listen, and I’m here to share!



Fellow Millennial on the Move, Louis Kevin Celestin, better known as KAYTRANADA— is a rising DJ and Record Producer making waves on the Trap/EDM music scene. There has been a recent (2010-ish) cross-over of music genres. Artists are taking advantage of the diverse elements each genre is known for—and wrapping them up into one! There are no rules when it comes to music. This is a natural evolution of how cultures and creativity collide into new music that attracts a diverse audience.

KAYTRANADA is originally for Haiti, and was raised in Montreal, Quebec. He started his career in 2010 and has thirteen projects and over 40 remixes to date. His music style is a blend of The Internet meets Tyler the Creator, with a spazz of Old Kanye West-ish beats. You may have heard his feature on The Internet’s hit single “Girl.”

Whether his sultry vocals, or his ear for producing dope tracks and remixes–I’m currently a fan of this young, gifted brother with beats.

His debut album, “99.9%” released May 2016, is available to stream NOW on Apple music!

Here is one of my favorite tracks on the album, “You’re the One” feat Syd.

What do you think?

Go ahead and add KAYTRANADA to your Apple Music Library and get into a new vibe this Fall!





Featured Image Source: Album Artwork


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