Snapchat buys Bitmoji to Sauce Up the Popular Social App

November 1, 2016– (ATLANTA, GA) — Better late than never, right? This past July, the rumor turned into reality when Snapchat joined forces with Bitmoji–the popular custom avatar application. With the growing popularity of Snapping, Geofilters, and “Stories”– one can only imagine what’s next for the masterminds behind the growing social network, Snapchat. Since its inception, Snapchat continues to make news by making bold statements in the market. In 2014, Snapchat was a new term, and a trending topic when CEO, Evan Spiegel rejected Facebook’s $3 Billion deal to acquire.  Most people thought he was “silly” but, I had no doubt that fellow millennial on the move, Evan made the right decision.

When it comes to passion and what you know you’re worth, there is no dollar amount that will buy you out. — Tweet This 766

Fast forward to today: Snapchat Reloaded.

The $100 million dollar acquisition of Bitmoji has enhanced the overall user experience of Snapchat. Not only are the facial recognition features getting even better, adding your personal Bitmoji in live snaps is simply the icing on the cake. There is even an option to pair your Bitmoji with a friend’s while using the chat feature in the app!


Need more reasons to get your Bitmoji in formation? Brands have jumped on board and have unique content available to dress your avatar according to your personal style. Steve Madden, Forever 21, and Nike are all available in the Bitmoji Fashion showroom. When I first learned of the Bitmoji integration, I was thinking–oh yeah, oh yeah! I’ve been using Bitmoji in text messages for a while now, so I’m elated to share this awesome app with my Snap-Fam!

Have you downloaded the latest version of Snapchat? Be sure to include your fashionable Bitmoji in your snaps!

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Author: Giselle In The City

I’m Giselle, also known as Belle in the City Giselle. I’m the Founder of Giselle Ave. and a passionate Biz Consultant, currently creating my dream life! I reside in downtown Atlanta with my loving husband and my fur baby, Mr. Sidney, the Cat!

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