My Friend’s Wedding

As millennial women, the conversations have finally shifted to more adult-focused goals. Of course, we still plan to travel the world and be fabulous for the rest of our days, but we’ve added a bit more substance to the context of our conversations. At 28, I find myself seeking truth in the midst of the many tales being told to us throughout the media. One of those is the fact that black love is real. It is not a fairytale, it’s an actual thing and it can be experienced by ALL OF US! That is, if you’re willing to believe in love… love conquers all.

Love Conquers All.

Love is an emotion that can be felt in practically anything in life. The most valuable of them all, in my objective opinion, is the union God brings about between a man and a woman, in the form of marriage. This past weekend was simply beautiful. I witnessed my friend, Courtnie, as a bride as she said “I do,” to her groom, Jonathan. This year, I’ve been apart of their journey down the aisle and every memory led up to this past Saturday.

I am still trying to find the words to express my sincere appreciation of Courtnie & Jonathan’s love story, and how God is so ABLE! In the midst of any storm, any challenge, any relationship: love conquers all.

Friends, family, dreams, and hobbies can all channel that feeling of an everlasting love…..

Here are some of my favorite moments over the past 10 years of friendship, leading up to the evening of #HappilyEverAnderson


First Profile Image on Facebook: Giselle, Courtnie, Kourtney
Models in a Fashion Show: Giselle, Courtnie, Whitney
Dinner with Friends: Whitney, Giselle, Courtnie, Kourtney


Alabama Football! Giselle, Courtnie, Whitney
Undergrad days at UA: Courtnie, Giselle, Starr, Whitney


Night on the Town: Courteney, Giselle, Courtnie, Whitney, Kourtney


Housewarming in Atlanta: Giselle, Courtnie


Climbing Mountains: Giselle, Kourtney, Whitney (Photo Credit: exhausted Courtnie)
Rawrin 20s Celebration for Giselle: Whitney, Courtnie, Kourtney (photo cred: Giselle)
Belles on Broadway NYC: Giselle, Courtnie, Whitney


Piie in New York City: Whitney, Giselle, Courtnie


Bachelorette Weekend: Cancun for Courtnie! Whitney, Courtnie, Giselle, Starr, Ashlee, Ashley, Felicia, Kasondra
Bridal Tea Party: Starr, Whitney, Courtnie, Giselle, Kourtney
Fraaaands Celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Courtnie Anderson! Starr, Giselle, Whitney
The Bride in her Reception Gown! Kourtney, Courtnie, Giselle

 May your days ahead be filled with love, happiness, and everything your heart desires! When God is in it, ANYTHING is possible!

Congratulations to the newlywed couple..

Happy Honeymooning!!!

Happily Ever Anderson….

Author: Belle__Giselle

Wife | Pet Mom | Consultant | Founder A complete original.

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