Because, glow.

I’m spending more time playing in the sun. I once read a book in undergrad called “Don’t Play in the Sun,” and it introduced me to this new concept of colorism.

The idea that the Jim Crow laws, in fact, worked.

The idea that the darker your skin, the uglier you are.

The less likely you will be successful, the less you deserve to be loved.

The idiom, “you’re pretty, for a dark-skinned girl.”

It’s funny how things turned out. What I’ve learned, after careful examination, is that the more the melanin, the better.

In fact, melanin is more valuable than gold–literally. Now that’s some Black History! 

But, it’s hard to find with a mere google search, you have to dig deep. Of course, that’s not something they want us to know.

Now, I realize that it wasn’t fear that caused the innate hatred  of darker-skinned people: it was envy. #PlotTwist


Embracing the Glow,





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