Zendaya Is #BlackGirlMagic Personified and Here’s Why


It is rare to find a 20-year-old who has the self-awareness, confidence and poise that Zendaya does. She marches to the beat of her own stylish drum, capturing the attention and admiration of all those around her. A young model turned triple threat, she is undoubtedly dope, appearing in countless Disney Channel shows and movies, releasing hit songs, becoming a fashion mogul in the making and looking so glam while doing so.

And don’t think the #blackgirlmagic stops there. She is extremely active on social media and loves being vocal about everyday issues that affect our community. So it comes as no surprise that she is a true inspiration to many young girls. She makes being her authentic self while in such a public eye look easy, and that’s a feat in and of itself.

Let’s get into the #blackgirlmagic moments that we stan her for:

She Is The Clapback Queen


Zendaya has no problem speaking out to the media and reminding them that diversity and understanding are of utmost importance. During a Fashion Police episode, E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic made a statement that Zendaya, who was sporting faux locs while on the 2015 Academy Awards red carpet, looked as though she smelled of patchouli oil and weed. What followed was probably the classiest read of all time. She posted the below note on Instagram:


She not only set an example to stand up for yourself no matter who is targeting you, but was living proof that you’ll be a better person for it and come out on top.

She’s The Ray of Light The Fashion Industry Needs


Let me tell you, as a bottom heavy, vertically challenged black girl, the fashion industry has proven time and time again that it has a strong disdain for women who look like me. Clothing pieces for shapes not necessarily lean and tall are almost impossible to find. And once you do, they don’t only break the bank but the variety is super limited. That’s why Zendaya’s move to design a line that caters to women of all sizes and body types is so major. Including pieces such as joggers, bombers, androgynous separates to name a few, it is as chic as it is affordable, with nothing costing more than $160.

Of the line, she said: “Why would I alienate an entire group of people and make them feel like they can’t access my clothes?” A pioneer for inclusion in more ways than one. Thanks, Daya.

She Teaches Us To Love Our Flaws With Beauty App


Hoping to capture her behind-the-scenes career moments and beauty routines, Zendaya has recently launched Zendaya: The App, which gives fans a glimpse into her ever-so-hectic life. Featuring beauty tips via livestream, shopping links to her clothing line and more exclusive content, she lets her fans connect with her on a more personal level, showcasing that she has her up and down moments and doesn’t always feel like she has it together. That type of vulnerability and transparency is appreciated in this digital world where perfection is being sold as realistic. She is just like us and there is beauty in being unafraid to share your authentic self. Love it.

She Has No Time for Body Shaming

Although she has a pretty busy schedule thanks to her many hats and projects, she still finds time to make someone else’s dreams come true. She came across a now deleted tweet, basically shaming a plus-size woman for her looks and quickly stepped in to defend her, letting everyone know that not only was the young lady beautiful but that ridiculing someone for their appearance isn’t and never will be tolerated.


She then went on to publicly request the girl’s user handle so that she could book her as a model for her clothing line.



Creating opportunities for other women to shine. Yep, she’s all about that too.

I swear she’s my best friend in my head. How many ways do you love Zendaya? Let’s talk in the comments!

Stay Stylish,

Briea L. Curington


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