Black Content Appreciation Post

Let that sink in.

Quite frankly, it’s long overdue. Have you seen the ultimate GLOW of black women–across the world– as of late? There is an entire natural hair festival— dedicated to our coily hair and kinks of love. There is so much culture appropriation of black women in particular, that I stopped keeping up.

There is a BLACK PANTHER MOVIE coming out next year, an actual black panther movie. #HereForIt

With all the black girl magic coming out of Hollywood in your newsfeed, it’s only right that I shed light on TWO celebratory moments happening during #BlackGirlMagic Weekend!

Girls Trip Movie


Now if you’re anything like me, you thought you knew who your best friends were—-until you went to college. Some of the best 4 years of my entire existence, but not for obvious reasons like parties, drinks, spring breaks, and self-exploration– it was because of my friends. My girls turned friends, turned sister-friends—ten years later! Girls Trip is for every girl turned friend turned sister friend.

Between me and you: I was invited to an exclusive pre-screening of Girls Trip late last month, here’s my review:



It’s so—– black, girl, magic. It digs deep into the complex relationships among black woman, at all ages. It’s raw, it’s hilarious, and it’s so worthy of a girls night out. #YASSSS

The movie hits theatres THIS FRIDAY, so grab your tickets now!

***No Kodi streaming on this one, you have to experience this IN THEATRES! Besides, we have to support our brown-Hollywood-distant- sister-friends.


The adventures of bad & bougie, single and confused Molly and Issa the Cheater are baaaack!!!!!

Last season left us hanging:

Issa & Molly fell out but they cool now.

Issa is the official black girl representative at her job, and it’s still annoying.

Molly is single and mingling, she even dated a guy who was.. bi-sexual?

Issa cheated. Issa, cheaaaaaated.

Lawrence got his shit together.

Lawrence single, now.

Tasha got her snack named Lawrence.

And we were all just sitting there, binge-watching Season 1 like:


Very black, super millennial—and SO US! But, the best part of this show is the fact that it speaks to women AND men. The fellas can indulge in Insecure, and share their point of view, too. Of course, most of the guys were #TeamLawrence after it was all said and done, but there’s nothing like having a loyal Issa on your team. Right?

Either way, we get our LIFE back this Sunday, on the debut of Season 2.

Have you seen the preview? Check it out on the HBO Insecure Show page!

How will you be celebrating this weekend?


Girls Night Out?

Either way, cheers to #BlackGirlMagic Weekend,


Belle in the City, Giselle







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