Hey Brown Girl, You’re Beautiful!

Hey Travelers,

It’s Belle in the City Giselle excited that spring is here and the vibrance of the new season has officially arrived.

As we take our spring breaks, enter Q2 of 2019, and reflect over our year so far— I’d like to take a moment to share my truth with fellow brown girls all over the world.


Breakout into your favorite dance, whenever you feel like it! That’s how you live a little.

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Whenever you’re feeling down or indecisive,


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Trust your intuition, be decisive, and pick yourself back up… fall seven times? Get back up eight.

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Take calculated risks, and hold yourself accountable for your failures… and your success.

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Walk in your PURPOSE, as if your life depends on it…. because, it does.

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Success is all about confidence.

Be confident, and live confidently.

Most of all, believe in yourself.




-the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.


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Create content that inspires, kind of like how I did with this Push Thru Sweatshirt Campaign here on Giselle Ave. If you like this look, shop it!


Be (You)rself. Because copying the original makes you look second hand.




Sit back and reflect on the life you’ve created for yourself so far, and make adjustments wherever necessary.


Last but not least, never ever settle for what life gives you. Instead, grab life by the horns and take—and work for— what you want!



Hey brown girl, you’re beautiful!







Photography by Yell-Air Films

Hair by Laiouvi Wigs

Shirt by Giselle Ave. Push Thru Campaign

Mural by Faatimah Stevens @ThePaitnerBae  


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