Juneteenth 2019: A Personal Testimony

It’s Juneteenth.


It’s Giselle, Founder & CEO of Giselle Ave. and today, I’d like to share a personal testimony of why I choose to be an entrepreneur, in honor of my ancestors’ freedom.

The path of entrepreneurship is not easy, but I know God has called me to lead the masses to their own definition of freedom and I’m up for the challenge.

Madam C.J. Walker, First African-American Woman self-made millionaire

June has been a HUGE Month on Giselle Ave. 

  1. Last week, Giselle Ave. was personally invited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to attend the Small Business Series in #ATL and we got complimentary tix to the National Summit in D.C. this October!
  2. Last week, I attended Black Writers Weekend in the historic Sweet Auburn District — once known as the “richest Negro street in the world.”
  3. Giselle Ave. has been invited as Media to cover the BET Experience this weekend in LA. (**rain checking, but still)
  4. Giselle Ave. has been invited as Media to cover the Black Owned Spirits Expo this Saturday in Atlanta.
  5. Our client, Awesomeisjayell has been invited to perform at (2) shows this Friday!
  6. Our #Marketing partner WON free VIP TIX to the Rose & Music Festival next Saturday here in #ATL and we’re attending as VIP guests with our fellow Woman in Business!
  7. We just expanded our online store, again. Shop now!
  8. Our newsletter subscriber list just keeps growing (you can subscribe OnGiselleAve.com).
  9. The Giselle Ave. Q2 Official Playlist is now streaming on Apple Music.
  10. As an added BONUS– checkout our “Black Opulence ’19” playlist, curated on MLK Day 2019.



And best of all, GOD IS the Board of Directors, so I know this is just a glimpse of what’s in store for Giselle Ave.

This month marks my 1-year anniversary of being a full-time entrepreneur and I’m so grateful for my husband Corderius Climpson who continues to support me and push me to be the BEST version of myself. I’ll keep moving forward, no mater how challenging it gets.

So, what’s the plan for the rest of 2019? 

Bet on yourself, it’s worth it.

Keep your legacy in mind.

Making my ancestors PROUD.


-Belle in the City, Giselle 


Author: Belle__Giselle

Wife | Pet Mom | Consultant | Founder A complete original.

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