A Magical Black Girl’s Coloring Book

Guess what?! I recently published my first book on Amazon and I am TOO excited about this!

Book Cover – A Magical Black Girl’s Coloring Book

It’s titled “A Magical Black Girl’s Coloring Book,” by Giselle and features 70+ self-portraits of beautiful black women and girls!

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In this coloring book for all ages, you can explore your own creativity by way of coloring your way! This book includes over 70 AMAZING portraits with beautiful black girls and women as cartoons, fantasy characters, dressed in African attire, and so much more! This is a great activity to relieve stress and calm down and unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the best part is that this simple Black-girl inspired coloring book is perfect for ALL ages!

PLEASE NOTE: The pages in this unique coloring book are NOT intended to be torn out, these pages are bound together to create a real, paperback book. The goal of this coloring book is for readers to color pages and be able to carry this book with them for a long time. Readers will learn to value their art and are encouraged to even create their own fictional characters from the portraits featured in the book!

Order your copy right NOW on AMAZON!

Signed Author Copies Available NOW!

Get your Signed Author Copy of “A Magical Black Girl’s Coloring Book,” by Giselle! This product includes Special Packaging and a Surprise Gift from the Author!

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Thank you in advance to everyone that continues to support me on this beautiful creative journey! I am so BLESSED to have supporters like you, rocking with me since DAY ONE!